Does Ollies Take Apple Pay?

Does Ollies Take Apple Pay

The way we manage our money is evolving rapidly in today’s fast-changing digital world. We are moving away from physical coins and cash, and shifting toward the convenience of digital wallets, where a simple tap on your smartphone or watch can handle your transactions. In this article, we will explore this digital payment revolution, with a specific focus on Apple Pay at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. As we proceed, we will answer the fundamental question: Does Ollies Take Apple Pay? This article aims to be your comprehensive guide on using Apple Pay at Ollie’s, making your shopping not only efficient but also in tune with modern technology. So, get ready to explore the intersection of technology and retail as we investigate whether Ollie’s is part of the Apple Pay trend.

About Ollie’s

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, often referred to as Ollie’s, was established in 1982 by Oliver E. Rosenberg, who sought to provide customers with incredible bargains on surplus merchandise, overstocked items, and closeout goods. From its humble beginnings in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Ollie’s has grown into a major discount retail chain with a strong presence across the United States.

Over the years, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet has remained true to its mission of providing “Good Stuff Cheap.” The company’s eclectic mix of discounted products, ranging from housewares and books to food and toys, has appealed to value-conscious shoppers. Ollie’s continued expansion, including its initial public offering (IPO) in 2008 and rapid growth in the 2010s, has solidified its position as a go-to destination for those seeking quality products at affordable prices.

Does Ollies Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet does accept Apple Pay as a payment method. This convenient and secure digital wallet option has been welcomed by Ollie’s to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. Apple Pay was accepted at Ollie’s locations, both in-store and for online purchases.

It’s worth noting that payment policies at retail stores can evolve over time, so it’s advisable to verify the current status of Apple Pay acceptance at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet by checking their official website or contacting the store directly for any potential updates or changes. However, the widespread adoption of digital payment methods like Apple Pay suggests that it is likely to remain a viable payment option for Ollie’s customers in the foreseeable future.

Alternative Payment Methods at Ollies

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet offers a variety of payment methods to cater to the diverse preferences of its customers. Following are the payment methods that Ollies accepts. 

  • Cash
  • Google Pay
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Personal checks
  • Apple Pay

How To Setup & Use Apple Pay At Ollies?

Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to pay at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Here’s how to set it up on your Apple devices and use it at Ollie’s:

Setting Up Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay is a simple process that allows you to use your compatible Apple devices to make secure and convenient payments. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up Apple Pay on iphone, Apple watch, iPad or Mac:

On iPhone

Open Wallet: Launch the “Wallet” app on your iPhone.

Tap +: Tap the “+” button to add a card.

Follow Prompts: Follow the on-screen prompts to add your credit or debit card. You can use your device’s camera to capture your card details or enter them manually.

Verification: Your bank may require additional verification. Follow the steps provided.

On Apple Watch

Open Apple Watch App: Open the “Apple Watch” app on your paired iPhone.

Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay: Select “Wallet & Apple Pay.”

Add a Card: Follow the instructions to add your card, either by scanning it with your iPhone or entering the details manually.

On iPad or Mac (for Online Purchases)

iPad: Go to “Settings” > “Wallet & Apple Pay.” On Mac, go to “System Preferences” > “Wallet & Apple Pay.”

Add Card: Follow the prompts to add your card details.

Using Apple Pay at Ollie’s


Ensure Compatibility: Check if the Ollie’s store has the contactless payment symbol at the checkout.

Unlock Your Device: Wake up or unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Hold Near Terminal: Hold your device near the contactless payment terminal (usually, within a few inches).

Authenticate: Use Touch ID, Face ID, or enter your device’s passcode to authenticate the transaction.

Confirmation: Wait for a confirmation on your device and the payment terminal. Your payment is complete.

Online (For Ollie’s Website or App)

Add Items to Cart: Check out Ollie’s website or app and add the stuff you want to buy to your cart!

Checkout: Proceed to the checkout page.

Select Apple Pay: Choose Apple Pay as your payment method.

Authenticate: Approve the payment with your fingerprint, face, or device passcode.

Confirmation: Once your payment is approved, it’ll be processed and you’ll get an order confirmation.

Apple Pay at Ollie’s is a super easy and secure way to pay. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, it’s quick and hassle-free. 

Pro Tips for Apple Pay Users

To get the most out of your Apple Pay experience at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and ensure seamless transactions, consider these expert tips and recommendations:

Check Device Compatibility: Ensure your Apple device (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac) is compatible with Apple Pay. Most newer devices support it, but it’s best to verify.

Keep Your Device Secure: Enable device security features like Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode. These are crucial for authorizing Apple Pay transactions and safeguarding your personal information.

Add Multiple Cards: Apple Pay allows you to add multiple credit and debit cards. Consider adding your most frequently used cards to maximize convenience.

Set a Default Card: Designate a default card within Apple Pay for quick and easy access during transactions. This is especially useful if you have multiple cards linked.

Organize Your Wallet: Use the Wallet app to organize your payment cards, boarding passes, loyalty cards, and event tickets. This streamlines access to important information.

Link Your Loyalty Cards: Connect your Ollie’s loyalty or rewards card to Apple Pay if available. This way, you can earn points or discounts automatically with each purchase.

Monitor Your Transactions: Regularly review your Apple Pay transaction history in the Wallet app to track your spending and ensure accuracy.

Use Express Transit: If your region supports Express Transit, set up transit cards (e.g., for public transportation) in Apple Pay for quick and hassle-free commuting.

Keep Your Device Charged: Ensure your device has sufficient battery life when shopping. A dead battery could leave you without access to Apple Pay.

Know Your Store’s Policies: Familiarize yourself with Ollie’s Bargain Outlet’s return and refund policies when using Apple Pay. This will help you navigate returns more efficiently if needed.

Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest updates and features related to Apple Pay by periodically checking Apple’s official website or news sources.

Be Cautious with Public Wi-Fi: When making online purchases with Apple Pay in public places, use secure Wi-Fi networks to protect your data from potential threats.


Apple Pay is a secure, efficient, and increasingly popular payment method at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. With its robust security features, lightning-fast transactions, and the potential for loyalty rewards, it offers shoppers a seamless and rewarding experience. By following our comprehensive guide, you can confidently navigate the world of Apple Pay, maximizing its benefits while enjoying the incredible bargains that Ollie’s has to offer.

As technology continues to reshape the way we shop, embracing innovations like Apple Pay ensures that we stay at the forefront of the retail experience. So, tap into the future of payments and embark on your shopping journey at Ollie’s with the power of Apple Pay at your fingertips.


Does Ollie’s have Online Shopping?

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet did not offer online shopping through its official website. Instead, it primarily operated as a brick-and-mortar discount retail chain with physical store locations across the United States. Customers would typically visit these stores to browse and purchase products.

Can I use Apple Pay for layaway purchases at Ollie’s?

Layaway is a payment plan that lets you buy something now and pay for it over time. Apple Pay is a way to pay for things with your phone. You can’t use Apple Pay for layaway because it’s not a point-of-sale transaction. You can check with your local Ollie’s store to see if they accept other digital payment methods for layaway.


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