Does Portillos Take Apple Pay?

Does Portillos Take Apple Pay

Portillo’s has been a Chicago restaurant chain for over 50 years. Founded by Dick Portillo in 1963 in Villa Park, Illinois, this iconic eatery is renowned for its delectable Chicago-style hot dogs, mouth watering Italian beef sandwiches, and a variety of other tantalizing menu options. The world of dining is always changing, and the way we pay for our meals is no different. New and innovative payment methods are always popping up, like the super convenient Apple Pay.  In this guide, we will know the rich legacy and enduring popularity of Portillo’s and address the question: does portillos take apple pay? So, let’s get into more details and explore how Apple Pay can make your dining experience even smoother.

What is Portillo?

Portillo’s was founded in 1963 in Villa Park, Illinois by Dick Portillo as “The Dog House”. It quickly evolved from a modest hot dog stand into a cherished American fast-food icon. In 1983, the restaurant was renamed “Portillo’s” and expanded and diversified its menu, becoming famous for its Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and retro 1950s-style decor. Over the decades, Portillo’s popularity surged, prompting nationwide expansion and solidifying its status as a quintessential destination for classic comfort food.

Does Portillos Take Apple Pay?

Portillo’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay, not in their restaurants or online. Even though digital payment methods like Apple Pay are becoming more popular, this beloved American fast food chain has chosen not to adopt it yet. That means that if you want to enjoy their iconic Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and other delicious food, you’ll have to use cash or a credit card. While Apple Pay is convenient and secure, Portillo’s is sticking with their traditional way of paying. But payment policies can change, so it’s a good idea to check with Portillo’s directly or their website for the most up-to-date information on accepted payment methods.

Other payment options at Portillos

When dining at a Portillo’s restaurant, it’s important to be aware of the available payment methods. 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover Network
  • Portillo’s Gift Cards
  • Cash (at most locations, but not in the drive-thru)

Portillos Menu

Portillo’s menu is packed with classic American fast food and Chicago-style comfort food. While the menu items may vary slightly by location and over time, here are some of the signature items you’re likely to find at any Portillo’s:

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs: These beloved hot dogs feature a premium all-beef frankfurter adorned with tangy mustard, flavorful onions, delectable sweet pickle relish, juicy tomato slices, zesty pickled sport peppers, a crisp dill pickle spear, and a hint of aromatic celery salt, all nestled within a soft and inviting poppy seed bun.

Italian Beef Sandwiches: A Chicago classic, Italian beef sandwiches consist of thinly sliced seasoned roast beef piled high on an Italian roll and often dipped in flavorful au jus.

Char-Grilled Burgers: Portillo’s offers a variety of burger options, from the classic hamburger to cheeseburgers and specialty burgers with various toppings.

Chicken Tenders: Breaded and deep-fried chicken tenders are a popular choice on the menu, often served with dipping sauces.

Pasta Dishes: Some Portillo’s locations offer pasta dishes such as spaghetti with marinara sauce and meatballs.

Sandwiches: In addition to Italian beef, Portillo’s offers other sandwich options, including char-grilled sausages and more.

Sides: A variety of side items are available, including crinkle-cut fries, onion rings, and cheese fries.

Desserts: Portillo’s is known for its decadent desserts, including the famous chocolate cake, shakes, malts, sundaes, and other sweet treats.

Beverages: The beverage menu typically includes soft drinks, iced tea, and lemonade.

Does Portillo’s have a children’s menu?

Yes, Portillo’s has a children’s menu. The menu is designed for children 12 and under, and it features smaller portions of some of Portillo’s most popular items, such as:

  • Hot dogs
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Spaghetti
  • Fries
  • Fruit 
  • Drink
  • Chocolate cake
  • Ice cream
  • Milkshakes
  • Fruit smoothies

What advantages will Portillos get after accepting Apple Pay?

Accepting Apple Pay can offer several advantages to businesses like Portillo’s:

Enhanced Customer Convenience: Apple Pay is a fast and easy way to pay. You can use your phone to pay for stuff without having to fumble for cash or cards. It’s more secure, it’s faster, and it’s way more convenient. 

Broadened Customer Base: If Portillo’s accepts Apple Pay, they’ll be able to attract more tech-savvy customers who prefer using digital wallets. This will expand their customer base and appeal to a younger demographic.

Improved Payment Security: Apple Pay uses tokenization and biometric authentication (like Touch ID or Face ID) to keep your payments secure. This helps keep you and the restaurant from getting scammed.

Faster Service: Shorter lines and faster checkouts mean happier customers, who are more likely to come back and spend more money.

Reduced Cash Handling: Accepting digital payments like Apple Pay is a great way to reduce the need for cash handling, which can lead to increased efficiency and lower security risks. No more counting or storing cash, and no more worrying about theft or counterfeiting. 

Data Insights: Portillo’s can use data from Apple Pay transactions to gain insights into their customers’ purchasing habits and preferences. This information can be used to improve the customer experience by providing personalized recommendations and discounts.

Reduced Cash Handling Costs: Accepting fewer cash transactions can save you money on the costs of handling, counting, and depositing physical money, which can be a real pain.

Future-Proofing: More and more people are using digital payment methods, so Portillo’s is making sure to keep up with the times by accepting Apple Pay and similar options. This will help them stay relevant and attract new customers.


Portillo’s, a Chicago institution for over 50 years, is still serving up its iconic Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and a wide variety of comfort food with the same dedication as always. While they don’t currently accept Apple Pay, they’re still a testament to timeless culinary excellence. However, there are a lot of advantages to adopting modern payment methods, like increased convenience, a wider customer base, improved security, and operational efficiency. Portillo’s, along with other businesses, has the opportunity to adapt and thrive by keeping up with changing customer preferences. 

Whether you’re enjoying their classic dishes today or looking forward to potential payment innovations in the future, Portillo’s enduring charm continues to define American comfort food.


Does Portillo’s have free refills?

Yes, many Portillo’s locations offer free refills on soft drinks and beverages. When you purchase a soft drink, you can typically return to the drink station and refill your cup as many times as you like during your visit.

Does Portillo’s take cash?

Yes, Portillo’s restaurants generally accept cash as a payment method. However, some locations may have specific policies or restrictions related to cash payments, so it’s advisable to check with the specific Portillo’s restaurant you plan to visit.

Where to buy Portillo’s gift cards?

Portillo’s gift cards are available for purchase both in-store at Portillo’s restaurant locations and online through Portillo’s official website. They make for great gifts and can be loaded with a specific amount, allowing recipients to use them at any participating Portillo’s location.


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