Is Cinori Shoes Closing Down? Know Impact & Alternatives

is cinori shoes closing down

Cinori Shoes has been a popular name in the footwear industry for years, offering stylish and comfortable options for shoe enthusiasts. With recent reports and rumors swirling about the future of the company, many customers are left wondering: is Cinori Shoes closing down? In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of Cinori Shoes, discuss the current situation, and provide an answer to this burning question.

About Cinori Shoes

Cinori Shoes was founded with a passion for providing high-quality, stylish footwear to customers worldwide. Over the years, the brand has built a loyal following of customers who appreciate their unique designs and commitment to comfort. By sourcing materials from top manufacturers and prioritizing craftsmanship, Cinori Shoes has earned a reputation as a go-to destination for fashionable, comfortable footwear.

The brand’s collection includes a diverse range of styles to suit various tastes and preferences. From elegant heels and sophisticated flats to casual sneakers and comfortable sandals, Cinori Shoes offers something for everyone. Known for their attention to detail and exceptional quality, each pair of shoes is designed to provide optimal support and style for the wearer.

Is Cinori Shoes Closing Down?

Yes, Cinori Shoes, an Australian shoe retailer, announced its closure in 2023 after facing challenges due to bushfires, La Nina weather events, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The company cited these factors as heavily impacting their business and leading to their decision to close. Cinori Shoes had been in business for over 30 years, offering a wide range of high-quality shoes from international and local brands.

is cinori shoes closing down - know here

The retailer had multiple stores across Australia and had built a loyal customer base over the years.
Unfortunately, the bushfires that ravaged Australia in 2019-2020 and the La Nina weather events that followed caused disruptions in supply chains and affected consumer confidence in the retail sector. Additionally, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led to lockdowns and restrictions that further reduced foot traffic in stores and impacted sales.

Why Is Cinori Shoes Closing Down?

Cinori Shoes closed its doors in 2023 due to a combination of factors that negatively impacted their business:


Australia experienced significant bushfires in recent years, which likely disrupted Cinori’s supply chain and potentially impacted customer spending. The bushfires could have affected Cinori’s supply chain by disrupting transportation routes, causing delays in deliveries, and potentially damaging suppliers’ facilities. This may have led to inventory shortages, affecting the availability of products in stores and online.
Additionally, the bushfires could have also impacted customer spending habits. With widespread destruction and loss of property, individuals may have had to divert their funds towards recovery efforts instead of retail purchases. The physical and emotional toll of the bushfires may have also caused a decrease in consumer confidence and disposable income, leading to reduced spending on non-essential items like footwear.

La Nina

La Nina weather events can lead to increased rainfall and flooding, potentially impacting foot traffic and sales for businesses like Cinori. During La Nina events, the risk of heavy rainfall and flooding can deter customers from venturing out to shop at physical retail stores like Cinori. Flooded streets and sidewalks can make it difficult for customers to reach the store, leading to decreased foot traffic and potentially impacting sales.
In order to mitigate these potential impacts, Cinori may consider implementing strategies such as offering online shopping options, promoting their e-commerce platform, and providing special incentives for online purchases. Additionally, they could consider implementing contingency plans in the event of severe weather, such as offering delivery services or implementing flexible return policies.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic had a significant impact on many businesses, including likely causing disruptions in Cinori’s supply chain, staffing challenges, and changes in consumer behavior due to lockdowns and economic uncertainty. As a result, Cinori likely faced challenges such as delays in receiving inventory, difficulties in hiring and retaining employees, and a shift in consumer preferences towards online shopping.

This could have necessitated changes in Cinori’s operations, such as implementing new safety measures in stores, increasing their online presence, and adjusting their product offerings to better meet the needs of customers during the pandemic.

Brands are Affected by Cinori’s Closure

The probable closure of Cinori Shoes wouldn’t just affect the company alone. Several brands associated with Cinori, either through collaborations or partnerships, might also feel the impact. Brands that have their products displayed and sold in Cinori stores could witness a drop in their sales and visibility.

Moreover, consumers who have been loyal to Cinori Shoes might hesitate to trust these associated brands, fearing a similar fate. Thus, the ripple effect of Cinori’s closure could be far-reaching.

What Will Happen to Cinori’s Stores?

With the potential closure of Cinori Shoes, it’s natural to wonder about the fate of their physical stores. Initially, stores might announce closing down sales, offering heavy discounts to clear existing stock. Eventually, stores would shut down, leading to a loss of jobs and a void in the shopping lanes they once occupied.

Customers may find themselves reminiscing about the times they spent browsing through the shelves of Cinori Shoes, trying on different styles and finding the perfect pair to complete their outfit. The closure of the stores may also have a ripple effect on other businesses in the area, as foot traffic decreases and neighboring stores experience a drop in sales.
As the doors of Cinori Shoes close for the final time, employees will have to seek new employment opportunities, and loyal customers will have to find new places to shop for their footwear needs. The legacy of Cinori Shoes will live on in the memories of those who frequented their stores, but the physical presence of the beloved shoe retailer will be sorely missed. 

How Can I Avail of Closing Down Sales?

Businesses often have clearance sales to clear their inventory, and Cinori Shoes would likely be no exception.

Firstly, watch out for official announcements. Businesses generally announce their closure plans and subsequent sales through email newsletters, social media, or their official websites. Make sure to subscribe to these platforms for real-time updates.

Secondly, try to shop as early as possible. The best products and deals usually sell out quickly, so it’s best to be prompt.

Lastly, be strategic. Make a list of what you need before shopping. This helps avoid impulse purchases and ensures that you buy only what’s necessary.

Alternatives For Loyal Cinori Shoes customers

As Cinori Shoes is currently closed , loyal customers ar undoubtedly be disappointed. However, there’s no need to despair. There are several alternatives that offer equally stylish and comfortable footwear.

Companies like Django & Juliette, Mollini, and Top End are renowned for their unique styles and excellent craftsmanship. These brands have a wide variety of shoes, from everyday wear to special occasions, just like Cinori Shoes.

Another viable alternative is online shopping. Websites like ASOS, Zappos, and Amazon offer a vast array of shoe brands. They also provide detailed descriptions and customer reviews to help in your decision-making process.


The closure of Cinori Shoes, a well-loved footwear retailer known for its stylish and comfortable products, highlights the significant impact of external challenges like bushfires, La Nina weather events, and the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. With loyal customers saying their goodbyes to the brand’s physical stores and employees moving on to new opportunities, Cinori Shoes leaves a legacy of high-quality craftsmanship and memorable interactions.

While the closure may disappoint its dedicated customer base, it also allows for reflection and adjustment, as other brands and online platforms offer opportunities for continued exploration in the ever-changing landscape of footwear fashion. As one chapter comes to a close, a new story of resilience and innovation emerges, showcasing the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship and consumer adaptability in the face of hardships.

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