Is DSW Closing Down in 2024? Know Reasons & Impact

Is DSW Closing

The retail industry is rapidly changing, and many brick-and-mortar stores are facing challenges in the digital age. As a result, it’s not uncommon to hear about store closures and businesses shutting down. One store that has been a subject of concern for many is Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW). This blog post will provide an overview of DSW and address the question: is DSW closing? We will also explore the reasons behind the potential closure and what it means for the future of the company.

About DSW 

Designer Shoe Warehouse, commonly known as DSW, is a popular American footwear retailer that offers a wide variety of shoes at discounted prices. Established in 1991, the company has grown to operate more than 500 stores across the United States and Canada. DSW carries an extensive selection of designer and name-brand shoes for men, women, and children, catering to various styles and budgets.

Over the years, DSW has become a go-to destination for shoe lovers seeking fashionable and affordable footwear options. Their success is due in part to their unique business model, which combines a vast inventory with discounted prices and a user-friendly shopping experience.

Is DSW Closing - know

Is DSW Closing?

DSW, or Designer Shoe Warehouse, has experienced significant changes in recent years, with its parent company Designer Brands announcing plans in 2021 to close approximately 65 stores over four years due to pandemic-related losses and changing consumer preferences favoring online shopping and athleisure wear. Additionally, in January 2023, DSW shuttered all 38 Town Shoes stores located exclusively in Canada. Despite these closures, DSW remains operational with a strong online presence, offering its wide selection of footwear to customers both online and in many physical locations.

Why Is DSW Closing?

There are several factors contributing to DSW’s decision to close some stores:

Changing Consumer Preferences: Online shopping has rapidly grown in popularity, leading to a decline in foot traffic for brick-and-mortar stores. As more customers turn to online shopping for convenience, physical stores struggle to maintain the same level of sales and profitability.

Increased Competition: DSW faces competition from both online retailers and other brick-and-mortar stores, leading to a saturated market. In addition, many department stores and discount retailers have begun offering a wider selection of shoes at competitive prices, further challenging DSW’s market share.

The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic: Like many businesses, DSW experienced reduced foot traffic and temporary store closures during the pandemic. This significantly affected the company’s overall sales and profitability, leading to a reassessment of their retail strategy.

How is DSW Managing the Closing Process?

While it’s true that DSW has been facing some challenges, it’s important to understand the context. The retail industry as a whole has been grappling with changing consumer behaviors and the impact of ecommerce. DSW has been no exception. The company has had to take some tough decisions, including closing down certain underperforming stores.

However, this does not mean DSW is going out of business. Instead, the company is strategically downsizing and reallocating resources to strengthen its online presence. This is a common trend among traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, adjusting to the digital era.

The process is being managed in a phased manner, with the company carefully considering factors like sales performance, location, and the feasibility of each store before deciding to shut it down. This strategy ensures minimal disruption to the business and its stakeholders.

What Impact Will DSW Closing Have on Customers?

For loyal DSW customers, news of store closures may initially be concerning. However, it’s crucial to note that the company is not disappearing entirely, but rather shifting its focus to online operations.

Customers will still have access to the wide range of shoes and accessories that DSW offers, but it will be through their online platform rather than physical stores. This could actually prove to be more convenient for many, allowing them to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, DSW is committed to maintaining its high standards of customer service. They are investing in improving their online shopping experience, ensuring it’s user-friendly, secure, and efficient.

Impact Of DSW Closure On Employees

Undoubtedly, the closure of DSW stores will have a significant impact on the company’s employees. Those working in the affected stores face potential layoffs, which is always a challenging situation.

However, DSW has expressed its commitment to support its employees through this transition. The company is exploring options like transferring employees to other stores or roles within the organization where possible.

Moreover, they are providing severance packages and outplacement support to those affected. This includes assistance with job search and skill development, aiming to help them secure new employment opportunities.

Will There Be Liquidation Sales At Dsw?

Conversations about DSW closing have sparked curiosity about potential liquidation sales. After all, who wouldn’t want to grab a pair of designer shoes at a steal? However, it’s essential to confirm the facts before getting your hopes up.

As of now, there’s no official announcement regarding DSW closing its doors or any subsequent liquidation sales. Instead, DSW is focusing on integrating its digital and physical retail experiences. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and product ranges, both in-store and online.

Nevertheless, DSW frequently offers sales, discounts, and promotional events. These initiatives aim to provide customers with value for money and promote brand loyalty. So, while we may not see a liquidation sale soon, shoppers can still enjoy bargains at DSW.

DSW Alternatives

Should DSW ever close, there are several other shoe retailers out there offering similar product ranges and services. Let’s explore a few of these alternatives.

Nordstrom Rack: Known for its extensive collection of designer shoes at discounted prices, Nordstrom Rack is an excellent alternative to DSW. They also have a user-friendly online store, making shopping convenient.

Zappos: This online platform offers a vast selection of shoes, from designer brands to budget-friendly options. Zappos is known for its excellent customer service, easy return policies, and fast shipping.

Shoe Carnival: This retail store offers a wide range of footwear for men, women, and children. Like DSW, Shoe Carnival also provides various deals and discounts, ensuring customers get value for their money.


While Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) is closing some underperforming stores, it is not going out of business entirely. The company is adapting to the changing retail landscape by optimizing its store portfolio and focusing on profitable locations. As a result, DSW will continue to serve its loyal customers, both in-store and online, for the foreseeable future. So, if you’re a fan of DSW’s affordable and stylish shoes, rest assured that they will still be available for your shopping pleasure.


Will DSW Open Any New Stores?

While DSW has not made specific announcements about opening new stores, the company’s future expansion plans may involve opening new locations in strategic markets or as part of their growth strategy.

What Is The Current Status Of Dsw?

DSW, also known as Designer Shoe Warehouse, is not going out of business. However, the retailer has announced plans for store closures and restructuring.

Is Dsw Closing All Of Its Physical Stores?

While DSW has not specified that it will be closing all its physical stores, the company is expected to shut down a substantial number of locations.

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