Is Milky Way Midnight Discontinued?

Milky Way Midnight Discontinued

Dark chocolate enthusiasts were left dismayed when the beloved Milky Way Midnight chocolate bar met its discontinuation. This delectable treat, featuring rich dark chocolate, caramel, and nougat, was a favorite among many chocolate lovers. The discontinuation has sparked discussions and left fans searching for alternatives to fulfill their cravings for the delectable Milky Way Midnight. In this post, we will know  why Milky Way Midnight discontinued & if there are any chances of its comeback.

What Is The Milky Way Midnight?

Milky Way Midnight, a popular chocolate candy bar, was introduced by Mars Inc. in 1936. It consisted of a combination of smooth milk chocolate and a mint-flavored whipped filling, making it a unique and beloved treat for many. The Milky Way Midnight was a chocolate candy bar known for its luscious combination of rich dark chocolate, smooth caramel, and fluffy nougat. It was a 1.76 oz chocolate candy bar that catered to the tastes of dark chocolate enthusiasts.

Is The Milky Way Midnight Discontinued?

Yes, the Milky Way Midnight has been unfortunately discontinued, leaving its loyal fans looking for substitutes to satiate their craving for rich dark chocolate and caramel.

Why Is The Milky Way Midnight Discontinued?

Milky Way Midnight has been discontinued due to following reasons:

is Milky Way Midnight Discontinued

Lower Sales: The primary reason seems to be lower sales compared to the classic Milky Way bar. Despite its dedicated fanbase, the Midnight version simply didn’t sell as well as the original, making it less profitable for Mars to continue production.

Focus on Existing Products: With limited resources, Mars prioritizes popular and profitable products within its portfolio. Reintroducing discontinued items like the Midnight requires investment and marketing efforts, which might be better directed towards existing successful products.

Changing Preferences: Consumer preferences evolve, and dark chocolate candy bars faced increased competition in recent years. Perhaps the market saturation and changing trends contributed to the Midnight’s decline.

Limited-Edition Strategy: Interestingly, Mars has released limited-edition Milky Way Midnight bars in specific regions since its discontinuation. This suggests they might be gauging potential interest and testing the waters for a possible wider comeback, but currently, there’s no official confirmation.

Alternatives To Milky Way Midnight

With the discontinuation of the Milky Way Midnight, chocolate enthusiasts are seeking alternative dark chocolate candy bars that offer a similar taste experience. Several brands offer dark chocolate bars with caramel and nougat, aiming to fill the void left by the beloved Milky Way Midnight.

Where Can I Find Milky Way Midnight After Discontinuation?

For those seeking to savor the last remnants of Milky Way Midnight, alternative retailers may still have remaining stock available for purchase. Specialty candy stores and smaller retailers may still hold inventory of this discontinued chocolate candy bar, offering a chance for fans to stock up on their favorite treat.

Additionally, online marketplaces and auction sites have become platforms for individuals to buy and sell discontinued food products, including Milky Way Midnight. However, it is important for buyers to consider factors such as product expiration dates, condition, and price when purchasing discontinued items from such sources.

Customers should be cautious when buying discontinued products, ensuring that the source of the product is reputable and that the product is safe for consumption. Always ensure product legitimacy and quality when purchasing.

What Are Customers Saying About the Discontinued Milky Way Midnight?

Amidst the disappointment over the discontinuation of Milky Way Midnight, many customers have shared their positive reviews and fond memories of the caramel chocolate candy bar. Loyal fans have expressed their love for the unique combination of dark chocolate and caramel that made Milky Way Midnight stand out among other chocolate bars.

Some customers have begun searching for similar products and alternatives to satisfy their craving for dark chocolate and caramel combinations. This quest for alternatives reflects the impact of the discontinuation on the preferences and choices of chocolate enthusiasts who enjoyed Milky Way Midnight.

Impact of Discontinuation

The discontinuation of the Milky Way Midnight has impacted chocolate enthusiasts who cherished its unique blend of rich dark chocolate, caramel, and nougat. Fans are now exploring other options to fulfill their cravings for this distinctive combination.

What Made the Milky Way Midnight Unique Among Chocolate Bars?

Milky Way Midnight stood out with its distinctive blend of dark chocolate, caramel, and nougat, offering a delightful taste experience for dark chocolate enthusiasts. The rich, velvety dark chocolate coating encasing the soft caramel and nougat center made Milky Way Midnight a sought-after treat among chocolate lovers.

When compared with other dark chocolate candy bars, Milky Way Midnight carved a niche for itself with its unique combination of flavors and textures. It catered to a specific segment of the market – dark chocolate lovers – who appreciated the indulgent taste and satisfying texture imparted by this iconic candy bar.

Milky Way Midnight’s gone and left a big hole in the snack game. Those who loved that caramel chocolate combo are out here feeling lost and alone.The absence of Milky Way Midnight has underscored the significance of its contribution to the array of chocolate confections available to consumers.


The discontinuation of the Milky Way Midnight chocolate bar has left a void in the hearts of dark chocolate enthusiasts. With its unique combination of rich dark chocolate, smooth caramel, and fluffy nougat, Milky Way Midnight had carved a special place in the confectionery market. 

While its absence is deeply felt, the demand for dark chocolate bars remains strong, prompting manufacturers to continue innovating and offering new products to cater to this segment. The discontinuation of Milky Way Midnight serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of the market and the impact that consumer preferences can have on beloved treats.


Can I Still Find the Milky Way Midnight In Stores?

Sadly, Milky Way Midnight has been discontinued and might not be  available in stores. Fans of this dark chocolate candy bar may need to explore alternative options to satisfy their cravings for the unique combination of rich dark chocolate and caramel.

What Are The Main Ingredients in Milky Way Midnight?

Milky Way Midnight contained a blend of dark chocolate, caramel, nougat, and other ingredients such as egg whites, skim milk, corn syrup, palm oil, natural flavor, and lactose. The combination of these ingredients created the beloved taste and texture that made Milky Way Midnight a popular choice for chocolate enthusiasts.

Is There A Possibility Of The Milky Way Midnight Making A Comeback After Being Discontinued?

Unfortunately, the chances of a full-fledged comeback for the Milky Way Midnight bar seem slim at the moment. Mars, the company that manufactures the Milky Way, officially discontinued the bar in 2019. While there have been occasional limited-edition runs in specific regions since then, it’s unlikely for a larger, widespread return.

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