Why did Monkey Joe’s Close? The Reason Behind the Closure

Why did Monkey Joe's Close

Monkey Joe’s, a popular family entertainment center with inflatable attractions, faced closures at various locations, leaving customers and communities surprised and disappointed. The closures were attributed to different reasons across each site, with the common thread being the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The closures occurred in Wilmington, North Carolina; Gastonia, North Carolina; Germantown, Tennessee; Cary, North Carolina; and Rockford, Illinois. Each closure was a significant event, considering the emotional connection that Monkey Joe’s had built with its customers over the years. So, let us know in detail why did monkey joes closed? 

Closure in Wilmington, North Carolina

In Wilmington, the closure of Monkey Joe’s was announced by the local business owner, resulting from the pandemic’s ongoing effects. Despite the management’s efforts to adapt to changing circumstances, the business could not sustain operations, leading to its permanent closure. The closure came as a surprise to customers who cherished the joy and memories created at the establishment, leaving a void in the local community.

Closure in Gastonia, North Carolina

After a decade of serving the Gastonia community, Monkey Joe’s permanently closed its doors due to the financial challenges posed by the pandemic. As a franchise-operated business, the decision to close was made by the local business owner. Despite being a beloved destination for children to burn energy and play, the business faced insurmountable obstacles, compelling it to make the difficult choice of closure.

Closure in Germantown, Tennessee

The Germantown location faced an unexpected closure when the building’s landlord chose not to extend the lease. After around 10 years of being an integral part of the Rockford community, Monkey Joe’s had to bid farewell. The closure impacted customers who had pre-scheduled parties and events, prompting the management to offer full refunds and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Gustafson’s Furniture and Mattress, a local business, took over the vacated space, while Monkey Joe’s had no plans to reopen elsewhere in Rockford.

Closure in Cary, North Carolina

Monkey Joe’s in Cary closed its doors permanently due to personal reasons cited by the local franchise owner. The sudden closure surprised families who had planned birthday parties and events at the establishment. The Raleigh location of Monkey Joe’s extended its support to accommodate customers with booked parties from Cary, but the differences in ownership prevented refunds of deposits. The closure left customers seeking alternatives for their celebrations, highlighting the impact on both the business and the community it served.

Closure in Rockford, Illinois

After serving the Rockford community for about a decade, Monkey Joe’s on East State Street closed permanently due to the landlord’s decision not to extend the lease. The closure marked the end of an era for the family entertainment center in Rockford. The vacated space was taken over by Gustafson’s Furniture and Mattress, aiming to expand its showroom and warehouse operations. The closure impacted customers who had enjoyed the playful ambiance of Monkey Joe’s, prompting messages of appreciation from the management for their support.

Impacts on Customers & Community

The closures elicited emotional responses from customers and fans on social media, expressing sadness and gratitude for the cherished memories created at Monkey Joe’s. The management acknowledged the community’s support over the years and provided efforts to compensate customers with pre-scheduled parties. The closures of these beloved family entertainment centers also left communities contemplating alternatives for children’s recreational activities and celebrations.

Closure Impact on Employees

For years, the staff worked diligently to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the young patrons and their families. The closure announcement was undoubtedly disheartening for the employees who poured their hearts into their work. It affected not only their livelihoods but also their connection to the place they considered their second home. 

The sense of friendship and shared experiences among the team members made the closure an emotionally challenging period for everyone involved. As the doors of Monkey Joe’s closed, the staff had to navigate the uncertainty of their future, reflecting the broader struggles faced by employees across the entertainment industry during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entertainment Industry’s Struggle during COVID-19:

The pandemic-induced restrictions and safety measures significantly affected businesses in the entertainment sector, including family entertainment centers like Monkey Joe’s. The need for social distancing and capacity limitations hampered the usual operations of such establishments. 

The closure of Monkey Joe’s and other similar venues across different locations can be seen as a reflection of the difficult decisions that many entertainment businesses had to make to safeguard public health and adhere to regulatory guidelines. The entertainment industry faced unprecedented hardships during the pandemic, underscoring the resilience and adaptability required to navigate through these uncertain times.


The closures of Monkey Joe’s at various locations were influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and other unique circumstances. The pandemic had a profound impact on the entertainment industry, and businesses like Monkey Joe’s faced extraordinary challenges. Despite the closures, the legacy of Monkey Joe’s remains in the hearts of its customers and communities. The joy and laughter shared within its inflatable attractions and play areas will be fondly remembered, and the hope for future endeavors continues for both the business and the loyal patrons it once served.


Will Monkey Joe’s reopen in the future?

As of now, Monkey Joe’s has not announced plans to reopen in the locations where it permanently closed. However, the parent company is open to expansion opportunities, particularly in the Southeast, and may consider opening new locations in the future.

How can customers with pre-scheduled parties get a refund or reschedule?

Customers who had pre-scheduled parties at Monkey Joe’s should be contacted individually by the management to offer a full refund or the option to reschedule their event at nearby locations, depending on availability.

What other entertainment options are available for families in the affected communities?

While Monkey Joe’s may no longer be operational in some areas, families can explore alternative entertainment options, such as local parks, recreational centers, trampoline parks, and other family-friendly attractions.

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