Why Did Rick’s Restoration Close?

Why Did Rick's Restoration Close

“American Restoration,” a captivating reality TV show that premiered on The History Channel in 2010, delves into the art of restoration, showcasing the meticulous process of reviving aged and worn-out items. At the heart of the show is Rick Dale, the skilled owner of Rick’s Restoration, a Las Vegas-based business known for transforming everything from vintage cars to vending machines into stunning pieces. The show’s popularity stems from its ability to capture the essence of craftsmanship and transformation, resonating with audiences who appreciate the beauty of restoring the past. In this article, we will know why did ricks restoration close?

Why Did Rick’s Restoration Close? Here Are The Reasons

The closure of Rick’s Restoration, a business celebrated for its restoration prowess on the show “American Restoration,” came unexpectedly and left fans pondering the reasons behind its shuttering. While an official explanation for the closure hasn’t been widely provided, speculations suggest several factors that could have contributed to this decision. 

One potential factor is the possibility of declining ratings over time, which can impact a show’s financial viability and subsequent business operations. Additionally, the demanding nature of the restoration industry, with its tight schedules and intricate projects, might have posed challenges for sustaining the business in the long run. Furthermore, shifts in the market’s demands and priorities, as well as internal dynamics within the team, could have played roles in influencing the decision to close Rick’s Restoration. Despite these speculations, the exact reasons remain undisclosed, leaving a sense of mystery around the closure of a once-prominent restoration enterprise.

Why is Rick’s Restoration So Popular?

The inception of “American Restoration” can be traced back to Rick Dale’s appearances on “Pawn Stars,” where his expertise in vintage restoration caught the eye of audiences and producers alike. This led to the development of a unique show that focused on the day-to-day operations of Rick’s Restoration, an antique restoration store in Las Vegas. 

The show introduced viewers to the original cast members, including Rick Dale himself, his son Tyler Dale, his brother Ron Dale (also known as Kowboy), stepson Brettly Otterman, and others. Each member played a crucial role in the restoration process, contributing their skills to transform old and worn-out items into valuable treasures. The show struck a chord with viewers, becoming an instant hit during its first six seasons. The captivating blend of restoration expertise, personal interactions, and the satisfaction of reviving nostalgic items contributed to the show’s success and popularity.

Rick Dale’s Journey in Restoration

Rick Dale’s journey in restoration began with a passion ignited during his upbringing. Growing up with limited means, he learned the value of refurbishing items at a young age, which eventually evolved into a lifelong passion. He rebuilt his first bicycle at the age of nine, setting the stage for his future endeavors. The foundation of Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas allowed him to turn his skills into a thriving business. The show beautifully captured the diverse range of restoration abilities possessed by Rick and his team, from revitalizing classic cars and motorcycles to restoring vintage vending machines and gas pumps. The series highlighted not only their craftsmanship but also the sentimental and historical significance behind the items they worked on, bringing a unique narrative to the restoration process.

Speculations & Public Reaction

The unexpected cast changes in “American Restoration” sparked widespread shock and curiosity among fans who had grown attached to the original cast members. Speculations about the reasons behind the shifts began to circulate, with various rumors emerging to explain the sudden departure of Rick Dale and his team. Some rumors suggested issues with ratings and interpersonal dynamics, while others hinted at a need for faster-paced restoration processes. In response to the confusion and concern of fans, Rick Dale posted a video message, urging viewers to voice their opinions on the show’s official website. This move not only reflected his dedication to the fans but also demonstrated the intense public engagement and emotional investment that the show had fostered over the years.

Evolving Impact & Enduring Legacy

The transition from the original cast to a new one marked a significant turning point in the show’s trajectory. The audience had developed a strong attachment to the dynamics and expertise of the original cast members, making the changes a sensitive subject for viewers. The introduction of the new cast generated a mixed response from fans who were accustomed to the familiarity of the old team. This shift also highlighted the broader importance of restoration skills and craftsmanship, showcasing how the personalities of the cast members had become synonymous with the show’s identity. Despite the changes, “American Restoration” continues to leave an enduring legacy, underlining the significant role reality TV can play in celebrating unique talents and showcasing the artistry behind restoration work.

Assessing Net Worth & Significance

Rick Dale’s restoration business not only gained him recognition but also financial success. Through his expertise and the exposure gained from “American Restoration,” Dale’s business flourished, contributing to his estimated net worth of $2.5 million as of late 2018. This financial achievement reflects the value placed on restoration skills and the demand for expert craftsmanship. The show acted as a platform that propelled Dale’s career, transforming him from a skilled restoration artist into a household name. “American Restoration” played a pivotal role in showcasing the significance of restoration work and the lasting impact it can have on individuals’ careers and financial status.


As we contemplate the journey of “American Restoration,” we witness a remarkable transformation from a show centered around Rick Dale’s restoration skills to a platform that showcased the broader significance of craftsmanship and restoration in the modern world. The show’s evolution, marked by cast changes and format shifts, reflects the dynamic nature of reality TV and its ability to capture both creators’ and viewers’ imaginations. The impact of “American Restoration” extends beyond the screen, inspiring restoration enthusiasts and showcasing the value of preserving the past through skilled craftsmanship. While the show’s future remains uncertain, its legacy as a testament to the power of restoration and the enduring allure of reality TV is bound to leave a lasting influence on both television and restoration communities alike.


Is Rick’s Restoration business still operational?

Rick’s Restoration business, located in Las Vegas, experienced a period of closure after the changes in the show’s format. While the original location seemed to have closed down temporarily, there have been hints of a new location being announced soon. However, as of now, the business appears to be closed, and Rick Dale has ventured into other projects such as his laser cut and embroidery shop, “My Best Font Forward Creations.”

What impact did “American Restoration” have on the restoration industry?

“American Restoration” played a significant role in bringing attention to the world of restoration and craftsmanship. The show’s focus on transforming old and worn items into stunning pieces showcased the artistry and skill involved in restoration work. It also inspired a new generation of enthusiasts to appreciate and engage in restoration activities.

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