Why Did Tiger Bites Bao Closed?

why did tiger bites bao closed

In the vibrant world of culinary delights, few stories stir as much intrigue as the closing of a beloved establishment. Tiger Bites Bao, a bustling food joint known for its mouth-watering bao buns, was one such place that left food enthusiasts baffled when it suddenly closed its doors. In this article, we will know why did Tiger Bites Bao closed and its impact on customers, employees, & delivery services.

About Tiger Bites Bao

A culinary gem that once graced the city’s food scene, Tiger Bites Bao was the go-to spot for bao bun lovers. With a menu bursting with unique flavors, paired with a warm, inviting ambiance, it was a haven for food enthusiasts. The establishment’s success was built on its dedication to delivering a memorable dining experience. Customers were always eager to share their experiences, catapulting the eatery to the apex of popularity in the food circuit.

Why Did Tiger Bites Bao Closed?

Tiger Bites Bao, known for its fusion of traditional Asian flavors with modern culinary techniques, recently announced its closure. This left many patrons surprised and seeking answers. The exact reason why Tiger Bites Bao closed is unknow because the company doesn’t released any official statement of the closure. But, there are few possible factors that can lead to the Tiger Bites Bao closure.

why did tiger bites bao closed - know

The most significant factor is undoubtedly the economic strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions on dine-in services and a general decline in customer traffic, many food establishments have struggled to maintain profitability. This global crisis has led to the closure of a countless number of restaurants, and Tiger Bites Bao might be one of its victims.

Another possible reason could be rising operational costs. Rent, utilities, ingredients, and labor costs are continually increasing, making it difficult for businesses to stay afloat. If the income doesn’t match or exceed these expenses, closure becomes an inevitable consequence.

Impact Of Tiger Bites Bao Closure On Customers

The closure of Tiger Bites Bao has undeniably left a void in the hearts of its loyal customers. This restaurant was more than just a place to eat; it was a place where people shared laughs, celebrated special occasions, and created memorable experiences.

Many customers appreciated the uniqueness of Tiger Bites Bao, with its innovative menu that pushed the boundaries of traditional Asian cuisine. With its closure, finding an alternative that matches its creativity and quality could prove challenging.

Moreover, the closure also impacts the community where Tiger Bites Bao was located. Local businesses often contribute significantly to the local economy, and their closure can lead to a decrease in the vibrancy and economic activity of the area.

Effect Of Tiger Bites Bao Closure On Employees

The closure of a business doesn’t only affect the owners and customers; it heavily impacts the employees as well. For the staff of Tiger Bites Bao, the closure likely means job loss, which in today’s economy, can be devastating.

Employees not only lose their source of income but also the relationships they’ve built with their colleagues and regular customers. The uncertainty of finding new employment adds to the stress of the situation.

Impact Of Tiger Bites Bao Closure On Delivery Services

The rise of food delivery services has revolutionized the way people dine, making it easier than ever to enjoy a vast array of cuisines from the comfort of our homes. Tiger Bites Bao was a shining example of this transformation, offering a unique and delicious menu that quickly gained a dedicated following. However, the closure of the beloved eatery has left a noticeable gap in the delivery market, particularly for those craving its distinctive flavors.

One of the most immediate impacts of Tiger Bites Bao’s closure on delivery services is the loss of a popular option for customers. The restaurant’s unique fusion of East Asian and Western flavors set it apart from competitors, making it a go-to choice for adventurous foodies. Without Tiger Bites Bao, customers are now left searching for alternatives that can satisfy their cravings for innovative and flavorful dishes.

Moreover, the closure of Tiger Bites Bao may have broader implications for the food delivery industry. The restaurant’s success demonstrated that there is a demand for creative and high-quality cuisine delivered straight to customers’ doors. With its absence, other eateries may be inspired to step up their game and fill the void left by Tiger Bites Bao, leading to increased competition and innovation in the delivery market.

Why Was Tiger Bites Bao So Popular in The UK?

Tiger Bites Bao’s popularity can be attributed to several factors that resonated with the UK’s diverse and adventurous food scene. First and foremost, the restaurant’s menu offered a unique blend of flavors and textures seldom found elsewhere. By combining traditional East Asian ingredients with Western culinary techniques, Tiger Bites Bao created an exciting fusion cuisine that captivated taste buds.

Another reason for its popularity was the restaurant’s commitment to quality. Tiger Bites Bao prided itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients and preparing dishes from scratch. This dedication to excellence shone through in every bite, earning them a loyal following of customers who appreciated the care and passion poured into each dish.

Finally, Tiger Bites Bao’s success can be linked to its accessible and convenient delivery model. By partnering with popular delivery platforms, the restaurant made it easy for customers to enjoy their unique culinary offerings from the comfort of their homes. This seamless integration of quality and convenience struck a chord with busy food lovers, cementing Tiger Bites Bao’s place in the hearts of many.


The closure of Tiger Bites Bao was a significant loss to the city’s dining scene. However, it serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the food industry, where success is not merely about good food but also about adaptability and resilience. Despite its closure, Tiger Bites Bao will always be remembered for its distinctive flavors and the joy it brought to its patrons. It’s a tale that underscores the importance of understanding the market dynamics, adapting to changes, and above all, staying resilient in the face of adversity.


Who Founded Tiger Bites Bao?

Tiger Bites Bao was founded by Lacey Miles, a talented chef known for innovative culinary creations blending Asian and fusion influences.

What Were the Signature Dishes at Tiger Bites Bao?

Some of the signature dishes at Tiger Bites Bao included Chicken Bao with Sweet Chilli Jam, Fried Chicken with Curry Sauce, and Tiger Bites Pig with Butter and Jelly.

Did Tiger Bites Bao Offer Delivery Services?

Yes, Tiger Bites Bao partnered with Deliveroo to provide delivery services to customers who wished to enjoy their delicious street food creations at home.

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