Why Did Willie’s Duck Diner Closed?

why did willie's duck diner closed

Food lovers and fans of the popular reality TV show Duck Dynasty were once thrilled to dine at Willie’s Duck Diner, a Louisiana-based restaurant. The diner, owned by the show’s star, Willie Robertson, served mouthwatering southern cuisines, leaving its customers satisfied. But, to the dismay of many, the diner suddenly closed its doors. In this post, we’ll know why did willie’s duck diner closed and its complete history.

About Willie’s Duck Diner

Located in West Monroe, Louisiana, Willie’s Duck Diner was a family-owned and operated restaurant that provided a unique dining experience. Its menu featured a variety of southern-style dishes like fried chicken, gumbo, and, of course, duck. The diner’s popularity skyrocketed, thanks to the massive fan base of Duck Dynasty, the hit reality TV show that showcased the lives and business of the Robertson family.

The diner’s atmosphere was cozy, and it was adorned with memorabilia from the show, giving fans a chance to get a closer look at their favorite stars’ lives. Willie’s Duck Diner was more than just a place to eat; it was a destination for Duck Dynasty enthusiasts to connect with the show and enjoy delicious, homestyle southern cooking.

why did willie's duck diner closed - know here

Why Did Willie’s Duck Diner Close?

Despite its initial success, Willie’s Duck Diner sadly closed in 2017. The reasons behind the closure were not immediately clear, but several factors might have contributed to this unfortunate outcome.

Declining Popularity of Duck Dynasty

One of the main reasons could be the decline in the popularity of the Duck Dynasty show. As the show’s ratings dropped, so did the interest in the diner. The diner’s success was intrinsically linked to the show’s fame, and as the viewership dwindled, it’s plausible that the diner’s footfall also decreased.

Tough Competition

Willie’s Duck Diner faced stiff competition from other restaurants in the area. As a result, it might have struggled to establish a loyal customer base beyond the Duck Dynasty fanbase. Furthermore, the diner specialized in southern cuisine, which is commonly found in Louisiana. This made it challenging to stand out in the saturated market.

Management Issues

Although not confirmed, it’s possible that management issues could have contributed to the diner’s closure. Running a successful restaurant is no easy task, and it requires a well-coordinated team and efficient operations. Any mismanagement or internal conflicts could have led to the diner’s downfall.

Change in Business Focus

Willie Robertson and his family have various business ventures, including Duck Commander, their duck-hunting merchandise company. It’s conceivable that the family decided to shift their focus and resources to other projects, leading to the closure of Willie’s Duck Diner.

What is the Current Status of Willie’s Duck Diner?

Willie’s Duck Diner, a favorite eatery for many, unfortunately, closed its doors permanently in 2019. The reasons are a combination of factors, including a change in ownership and a decision to focus on other business ventures. The diner was initially opened in 2013 by Willie Robertson, star of the reality TV show, “Duck Dynasty.” It was a venture to provide the public with a taste of the Robertson family’s favorite recipes. However, after six years of operations, the decision to close was made, leaving many fans with a nostalgic memory of its comfort food.

How Did the Public Respond to the Closing of the Restaurant?

The news of Willie’s Duck Diner’s closure was met with a wave of shock and disappointment. This eatery had become an iconic part of the local culinary scene, and its sudden departure left a void that many found hard to fill. Customers reminisced about the unique blend of flavors that the diner served, from its famous fried duck to its mouth-watering desserts. The restaurant was not just a place to grab a bite; it was a community hub where people met, shared stories, and created memories.

However, as the initial shock subsided, there was a sense of understanding among the public. Businesses close for various reasons, and while the diner’s closure was unfortunate, it was part of the cycle of commerce. Yet, the question still lingered – why did Willie’s Duck Diner close?

Will Willie Robertson Reopen Duck Diner or Start a New Venture?

The future of Willie’s Duck Diner remains uncertain. Willie Robertson, the mind behind the diner, has remained tight-lipped about his plans. While rumors of a potential reopening or a new venture swirl around, nothing has been confirmed. Fans of the diner eagerly await an announcement, hoping that the unique culinary experience the diner offered will not be lost forever.

However, it’s important to remember that the decision to reopen or start anew is a complex one, fraught with logistical, financial, and personal considerations. Thus, the diner’s future remains shrouded in mystery.

How Did Willie’s Duck Diner Menu and Service Fare?

The closure of Willie’s Duck Diner was not due to a lack of customer appreciation for its menu or service. The diner was renowned for its delicious, well-crafted meals that combined traditional flavors with innovative culinary techniques. Its menu boasted a range of dishes that appealed to a broad clientele, from classic southern comfort food to delectable desserts.

The service at Willie’s Duck Diner was also highly praised. The staff was known for their friendly, attentive service and their ability to make every customer feel welcome. The diner embodied the spirit of southern hospitality, ensuring every visit was a memorable one.

Did Public Figures Like Si Robertson Visit Willie’s Duck Diner?

Yes, Si Robertson, along with other members of the Duck Dynasty clan, were regulars at Willie’s Duck Diner. In fact, their presence was a significant draw, with fans flocking to the diner hoping for a glimpse of their favorite TV personalities. The diner was not only a place to enjoy a meal but also a place where fans could feel a bit closer to the show they loved. However, despite its celebrity connection, the diner couldn’t sustain its operations, leading to the question “why did Willie’s Duck Diner closed?”

What Was On The Menu At Duck Diner?

The menu at Willie’s Duck Diner was a testament to Southern cuisine. It featured a variety of dishes, from fried catfish and shrimp po’boys to chicken fried steak and gumbo. The diner was especially known for its duck and dressing, a recipe straight from the Robertson family kitchen. The menu also offered an assortment of pies and cobblers for dessert, making it a one-stop destination for comfort food lovers. Despite its flavorful offerings, the diner couldn’t escape closure.


The closure of Willie’s Duck Diner marked the end of an era for fans of Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family. While the diner’s closure was unfortunate, it serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the restaurant industry. As the Robertson family continues to focus on their other ventures, fans can still enjoy their favorite duck dishes and support local Louisiana restaurants like Parish.


Who Are The Owners Of Willie’s Duck Diner?

The diner was owned by Willie Robertson, a reality TV star from Duck Dynasty. Willie had always dreamed of owning his own restaurant, and when the opportunity arose, he jumped at the chance. The diner was a cozy little spot on the outskirts of town, known for its delicious comfort food and welcoming atmosphere.
As the owner, Willie was always hands-on, making sure everything was running smoothly and customers were happy. He loved chatting with the regulars and getting to know new faces who came in to try out the diner’s famous fried chicken and homemade pies.

What Was The Specialty At Willie’s Duck Diner?

The diner was famous for its duck and dressing, a Robertson family recipe. Customers came from near and far to taste the succulent duck, perfectly roasted with a crispy skin, and the rich, flavorful dressing made with a blend of cornbread, sausage, and herbs. It was a dish that had been passed down through generations and was the pride of the Robertson family.

The diner’s cozy atmosphere and friendly staff only added to the allure of dining there. People would often linger over their meals, savoring every bite and swapping stories with their dining companions.

Did the Robertson Family Work At The Diner? 

Yes, members of the Robertson family were often seen at the diner, adding to its appeal.

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