Why Is Baker Creek Seeds Closed?

why is baker creek seeds closed

It has recently come to the attention of many gardening enthusiasts that Baker Creek Seeds, a popular heirloom seed company, has closed its doors. As a favorite among many gardeners for their unique and high-quality seeds, this news has left many wondering: why is Baker Creek Seeds closed? This blog post will explore the reasons behind the closure and provide useful information on what alternatives are available to customers.

What Are Baker Creek Seeds?

Baker Creek Seeds, also known as RareSeeds, is a well-established company that specializes in providing customers with a wide variety of heirloom seeds. The company’s mission stems from a deep-rooted love for preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Over the years, Baker Creek Seeds has earned a reputation for offering an extensive collection of seeds, including vegetables, flowers, and herbs from all around the globe. However, the recent closure of Baker Creek Seeds has left its loyal customer base wondering why.

The company’s commitment to quality and its unique offerings have made it stand apart from other seed businesses. However, the sudden closure has raised questions among its patrons. So, why is Baker Creek Seeds closed? The company has remained relatively silent about the reasons for its closure, which has only added to the mystery. While there is speculation about the reasons, without official confirmation, the closure remains a puzzle yet to be solved.

why is baker creek seeds closed - here why

Why Is Baker Creek Seeds Closed?

The closure of Baker Creek Seeds is a shock for many. So, why is Baker Creek Seeds closed? The company announced that they temporarily closed due to a surge in orders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They had to prioritize their staff’s safety and health while ensuring that they could fulfill existing orders in a timely manner.

The decision was not easy but was necessary given the unprecedented circumstances. The increase in demand for their products, coupled with the need to ensure a safe working environment for their staff, were the primary factors that led to the temporary closure.

Impact of Baker Creek Seeds Closure On Customers

The closure of Baker Creek Seeds has had a significant impact on its customers, specifically those who rely heavily on the company’s unique seed offerings to maintain their gardens and farms. This abrupt halt in operations has left many scrambling to find alternative sources for their seed needs. The company’s closure not only affects individual gardeners but also impacts small-scale farmers who depend on Baker Creek Seeds for their livelihood.

The company’s diverse selection of unique and uncommon seeds has established them as a distinct presence in the market, amplifying the impact of their closure. Customers attracted to the company’s commitment to conserving biodiversity are now faced with the difficulty of sourcing comparable seed varieties elsewhere. The discontinuation of Baker Creek Seeds has undeniably left a void in the seed market that could prove difficult to replace.

How Can I Find Baker Creek Seeds Now?

Many gardeners are equally concerned about where to find their favorite seeds now. Though the brick-and-mortar store is temporarily unavailable, Baker Creek Seeds has maintained an active online presence. Through their well-structured e-commerce platform, they continue to offer a rich variety of seeds that cater to the diverse needs of gardeners. You can also find a selection of their seeds in local nurseries and garden centers, depending on your location.

Is Baker Creek Seeds Coming Back?

While the temporary closure of Baker Creek Seeds has left a void in the gardening world, there is an air of anticipation about their return. Although the company has not announced an exact date for reopening, they have reassured customers that the closure is temporary, and they are working diligently to resume operations. In the meantime, they have requested patience and understanding from their loyal customer base, promising to return with an even better shopping experience.

What Should I Do If I Had an Open Order With Baker Creek Seeds?

If you’re wondering why is Baker Creek Seeds closed and you had an open order with them, rest assured that their customer service remains operational. They have committed to fulfilling all open orders and addressing any related concerns. If you have any issues, you can reach out to their customer service via email or phone for prompt assistance. They have also assured customers of a refund for any unfulfilled orders, making sure that no customer is at a loss due to the temporary closure.

What Alternatives Do Customers Have After Baker Creek Seeds Closure?

Baker Creek Seeds’ closure was a shock to many. However, it’s important to remember that there are numerous other reputable seed companies out there. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

  1. Seed Savers Exchange: This non-profit organization specializes in preserving heirloom seeds. They have a wide selection of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  2. Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Known for their high-quality seeds, Johnny’s offers a variety of organic and heirloom seeds.
  3. Botanical Interests: If you’re a fan of organic seeds, Botanical Interests is another excellent choice. They offer a wide range of seeds that are both organic and non-GMO.
  4. Territorial Seed Company: This company has been providing quality seeds for over 30 years. They have an extensive selection of both hybrid and heirloom seeds.

Is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Company Still Operating?

While it’s true that Baker Creek Seeds has closed, it’s not the end for the company. They have simply transitioned to a new name: Heirloom Seed Company. They still provide the same quality seeds under a new brand, so customers can continue to rely on them for their gardening needs.


Although Baker Creek Seeds has closed, it’s not all doom and gloom. The company has simply rebranded and continues to provide quality seeds under the name Heirloom Seed Company. Plus, there are numerous other seed companies out there that offer high-quality alternatives. So, while we might miss the familiar name of Baker Creek Seeds, we can still look forward to successful gardening seasons ahead.


Can I Still Purchase Seeds From The Company? 

Yes, you can still purchase the same quality seeds from Heirloom Seed Company.

What Are Some Alternatives To Baker Creek Seeds? 

Some possible alternatives include Seed Savers Exchange, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Botanical Interests, and Territorial Seed Company.

Is Baker Creek Seeds Going Out Of Business? 

No, they are still actively selling seeds and operating their core business.

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