Why is Duffy’s Closed?

why is duffy's closed

Duffy’s has been a familiar name for many, the go-to spot for casual dining, friendly meetups, and memorable celebrations. However, recent times have brought forth an unexpected change. You may have noticed it, thought about it, and even asked about it – why is Duffy’s closed? This blog post aims to answer that question in detail, shedding light on the factors leading to this unforeseen closure.

About Duffy’s

Duffy’s, a popular restaurant chain, has been a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Known for its diverse menu, friendly staff, and relaxed atmosphere, it was the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a meal. From sizzling steaks to refreshing cocktails, Duffy’s offered something for everyone, making it a beloved spot for countless people.

However, the bustling ambiance of Duffy’s has been replaced with silence and closed doors. The once crowded parking lot is now empty, and the lively chatter has faded away. So, what led to this? Why is the popular Duffy’s now closed?

why is duffy's closed - know here

Why is Duffy’s Closed?

Duffy’s Sports Grill temporarily closed all its locations in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary reason for the closure was to prioritize the safety of their staff, customers, and partners during the unprecedented public health crisis.

The closure of Duffy’s wasn’t an overnight decision. It was the result of various factors, each playing a significant role in leading to this outcome. The primary reason is the global pandemic, which has hit the hospitality industry hard. The drastic reduction in customers, coupled with the rising costs of operation, made it hard for businesses like Duffy’s to continue functioning as usual.

When Will Duffy’s Reopen?

Duffy’s announced plans to reopen all locations in July 2020 following their initial closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the current status of individual locations might differ. It is recommended to check the specific location’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on their reopening status and operating hours.

Duffy’s is taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their customers and employees, including increased cleaning and sanitization procedures, enforcing social distancing guidelines, and implementing capacity limits in accordance with local regulations. 

Duffy’s Closure Impact on Florida Restaurants

The closure of Duffy’s has had a significant impact on Florida’s restaurant industry. As a popular dining destination, Duffy’s attracted a considerable number of patrons. Its closure has left a void in the market that other restaurants are trying to fill. However, Duffy’s unique ambiance and extensive menu make it a tough act to follow.

Many loyal customers of Duffy’s are now left searching for a new favorite spot to dine, leading to increased competition among restaurants in the area. Some establishments have seen a surge in business as former Duffy’s patrons look for a new place to eat. However, others are struggling to attract customers who are still mourning the loss of their beloved restaurant.

How Duffy’s Closure Affects Dining Scenario?

Duffy’s closure has also affected the overall dining scenario in Florida. Patrons who regularly visited Duffy’s are now exploring other dining options, leading to an increase in business for some restaurants. However, there is also a sense of loss among customers who cherished the unique dining experience that Duffy’s offered. Additionally, the closure of Duffy’s has had an impact on the employees who worked there.

Many have had to find new jobs in the competitive restaurant industry, which may not be as easy as it seems. The team at Duffy’s was known for its exceptional service and friendly atmosphere, and many customers are missing the familiar faces and personalized experience they received at the restaurant.

Which Locations Of Duffy’s Were Affected?

When the news broke about Duffy’s closure, there was a wave of confusion and disappointment among its patrons. The locations most affected were those in Orlando, Florida. These included the chain’s establishments in Waterford Lakes, Altamonte Springs, and Millenia. Each of these locations were once bustling with life, with regulars frequenting them for the great food, exciting sports broadcasts, and lively atmosphere.

Now, they stand silent and closed, leaving many to wonder why Duffy’s closed in these areas. Some speculated that the closures were due to financial struggles caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the restaurant industry particularly hard. With restrictions on indoor dining and reduced capacity guidelines, many businesses, including restaurants, have struggled to stay afloat. 

How Did Duffy’s Handle Thanksgiving & Other Events Around Orlando?

The closure of Duffy’s impacted how Thanksgiving and other major events were celebrated in Orlando. Traditionally, these occasions were marked with special menus and festivities at Duffy’s. With the closure, patrons had to seek alternatives. The absence of Duffy’s holiday cheer was felt deeply among locals, as the restaurant had been a go-to spot for celebrating these events.

The closure also affected local sports viewing, as Duffy’s was a well-known venue for watching games and matches. Many patrons expressed disappointment at the loss of a beloved gathering spot, where they had made cherished memories with friends and family. Some even went as far as organizing their own gatherings at home or seeking out other restaurants to fill the void left by Duffy’s closure. Without Duffy’s as a central hub for community celebrations, some felt that the holiday spirit in Orlando was not quite the same.


Duffy’s Sports Grill is not permanently closed, it was temporarily closed all locations in March 2020 to prioritize the safety of their staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. While they announced plans to reopen all locations in July 2020, the current status of individual restaurants may vary. Duffy’s Sports Grill is committed to following all necessary health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe dining experience for all patrons. 


Are There Any Other Options Similar To Duffy’s Sports Grill?

Yes, there are several other restaurant chains that offer similar dining experiences to Duffy’s Sports Grill, including sports bars and casual dining options. Here are a few popular options:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Twin Peaks
  • Yard House
  • Hooters
  • Applebee’s

How Can I Find Out if My Local Duffy’s is Open?

There are two ways to check:

Check their website: Look for a “locations” or “find a store” section and search for the specific location you’re interested in. Their website should have updated information on individual locations and operating hours.
Contact the restaurant directly: You can find contact information like phone numbers or email addresses on the website or through online directories. Contacting the restaurant directly allows you to get the most up-to-date information specific to that location.

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