Why is the Real Pie Company Closed?

why is the real pie company closed

Pie lovers around the world might have been left saddened by the sudden closure of the Real Pie Company. This blog post aims to shed some light on the situation, answering the pressing question: why is the Real Pie Company closed? Read on to find out more about what led to this unfortunate closure and what it means for customers.

About Real Pie Company

The Real Pie Company has been a cornerstone of quality, comfort, and sweetness for years. Founded by the passionate pie connoisseur, Kira O’Donnell Babich, the company started as a small bakery in a quaint Sacramento neighborhood. O’Donnell’s aim was simple – to craft pies that tasted like homemade, with no compromise on quality.

In a short span of time, the Real Pie Company garnered a loyal following. From their classic Apple Pie to the unique Persimmon Pudding Pie, each offering was a testament to O’Donnell’s dedication to quality and taste. The company not only offered pies but also a selection of savory goods and pastries, making it a one-stop-shop for comfort food lovers.

Why is the Real Pie Company Closed?

Real Pie Company is not completely closed, its one specific location the Cowfold Pie Shop, was permanently closed. All other locations are still operational.  Real Pie Company is a small chain of pie shops that specialize in traditional savory and sweet pies. The closure of the Cowfold Pie Shop does not affect the other locations and will remain open for business.

why is the real pie company closed - know

Customers can still enjoy a variety of delicious pies made with locally sourced ingredients, including classic steak and ale, chicken and mushroom, and apple crumble. The company also offers catering services for events and special occasions.
While the closure of the Cowfold Pie Shop happened because of following factors.

The rising costs of ingredients and operations placed a significant burden on the business. The company prided itself on using locally sourced, quality ingredients. However, with increasing prices, maintaining this standard became increasingly challenging.

Lastly, the unexpected advent of COVID-19 in early 2020 impacted many small businesses drastically. The Real Pie Company’s Cowfold Pie Shop was no exception. Despite their efforts to adapt by offering take-out and delivery options, the business was unable to sustain itself amidst the pandemic.

Real Pie Company’s Closure Impact On UK Customers

Undeniably, the closure of the Real Pie Company has left a void in the hearts of UK customers. With a reputation for producing pies with a ‘homemade’ touch, the company had a unique place in the market. The closure means customers are now deprived of their favourite comfort food, a blow that is hard to take for many.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients underscored its dedication to quality. This endeared them to customers who appreciated the freshness and authenticity of their products. The closure has certainly robbed these customers of a trusted source for quality pies.

Finally, the company’s closure has resulted in a reduction in variety in the market. The Real Pie Company offered an impressive array of flavours, satisfying the taste buds of even the most discerning customers. The absence of this variety is a significant loss to the UK pie market.

Real Pie Company’s Closure Impact On Employees

The closure of the Cowfold Pie Shop has also had a profound impact on its employees. Many found themselves suddenly out of work, a situation that has created financial instability for them. The company’s closure not only means a loss of income but also a loss of a family-like work environment that the company was known for.

In addition, the closure has also led to a loss of skills and expertise. The Real Pie Company was renowned for its skilled bakers, who had honed their craft over the years. With the closure, these skills are no longer being used, leading to a decline in artisanal baking in the UK.

How Can Customers Still Enjoy Similar Products Like Real Pie Company?

While the Real Pie Company’s closure is unfortunate, it doesn’t mean that customers can no longer enjoy similar products. Many local bakeries in the UK offer homemade pies, and while they might not be identical to those from the Real Pie Company, they still provide a delicious alternative.

Furthermore, customers can try their hand at making homemade pies. There are countless recipes available online, and making pies at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Plus, it allows customers to experiment with flavours and ingredients, adding a personal touch to their pies.

What Can Customers Do If They Were Owed Pies Or Money By The Real Pie Company?

If you are one of the many customers left wondering what to do after the abrupt closure of the Real Pie Company, don’t despair. The first step is to get in touch with the company via their official website or social media channels. They might have posted important updates or contact information for customers to follow up on their orders.

In case you have made a prepayment for your pies and haven’t received them, it would be wise to contact your bank or credit card company. They might be able to assist you in getting a refund. Remember to have your transaction details and any correspondence with the company on hand to support your claim.

Lastly, if your efforts to contact the company or receive a refund from your bank don’t bear fruit, you can reach out to a consumer protection agency. They can offer advice and possibly help recover your money or resolve the issue.

When Will The Real Pie Company Reopen?

Currently, it’s unclear when the Real Pie Company will reopen its doors. The reason behind the closure is also somewhat of a mystery. However, it’s not uncommon for businesses to temporarily close due to unforeseen circumstances like financial difficulties, internal restructuring, or even health and safety concerns.

Stay connected with the Real Pie Company through their official website or social media channels for updates. It’s also a good idea to sign up for their newsletter if they offer one. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when they are back in business.


The closure of the Real Pie Company is a significant loss to the culinary world. Their commitment to quality, the passion for delivering homemade taste, and the love for community made them more than just a bakery. While it’s disheartening to see such a cherished establishment close its doors, the memories and tastes it provided will forever remain in the hearts of its patrons. It’s a poignant reminder of the challenges small businesses face and the resilience required to sustain them. In the end, the story of the Real Pie Company encourages us to appreciate and support local businesses more than ever.


Was The Quality Of The Pies A Factor In The Closure Of The Real Pie Company?

The quality of the pies offered by The Real Pie Company was not a factor in its closure. The company was known for its delicious pies made with premium ingredients and a great selection of flavors.

Did Issues With Delivery Impact The Real Pie Company’s Closure?

Delivery issues did not play a major role in The Real Pie Company’s closure. While there were occasional delays in deliveries, they were not significant enough to cause the company to shut down.

What Happened To The Staff Of The Real Pie Company After Its Closure?

After the closure of The Real Pie Company, the staff were unfortunately made redundant. The closure resulted in job losses for the employees of the company.

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